ODBC Missionaries


OBDC Supported Missionaries

Open Door Baptist Church Currently Supports over 60 missionary, church planters, and mission works around the world.

We follow the Lord's commandment given in Acts 1:8 that says: "But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you: and ye shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem, and in Judea, and in Samaria, and unto the the uttermist part of the earth."


OUR JERUSALEM & JUDEA (Texas & United States)

Chris Athey - Prison Ministry
Tyrone Barfield - Texarkana, TX
Chuck Barnes - Maine
Justin Barnett - Native Americans in AZ
B.E.A.M.S. - Bible Ministry
Debi Duryee - Deaf Minsitry
Billy Ford - Native Americans
Joel Haynes - Native Americans in AZ
Dan Knickerbocker - Evangelist
Sam Knickerbocker - Deleware
Landmark Mission Projects - (L.A.M.P)
Debbie Lane - Retired
Leon McGee - Childrens Ministry 
Larry McKinney - Native Americans in WA
Ryan Nez - Arizona
Norris Bible Baptist Seminary
Karl Ogdie - Evangelist
Freddy Reed - Youth of America
Eric Sharnitz - South Dakota
Russ Simpson - Native Ameircans in OK
James Stone - Corpus Christi, TX

OUR SAMARIA (North & South America)
Timothy Aguiar - Mexico
Daniel Coates - Guatemala
Darrian Coker - Mexico
Don Leaf - Brazil
Samuel Nolasco - Costa Rica (Mrs. Nolsaco's Kids Kitchen)
Harold Priday - Honduras
Leslie Priday - Honduras
Jacob Shaver - Mexico
Philip Sloan - Mexico
Clayton Watkins - Costa Rica 
Marcus Zenahlik - Paraguay

Sam Abrams - Hong Kong
James Brown - Australia
Ephraim Camacho - Philippines
Joseph Childress - Grenada
Brian Cone - Thailand
Eric Damron - Radio Ministry
James Downs - Ethiopia
Jack Green - Thailand
Matthew Green - United Kingdom
Tim Guenther - New Zealand
Ronaldo Gutlay - Thailand
Joshua Hamilton - Scotland
Jason Harvell - US Military in Germany
Ahmet Hernandez - Thailand
Ralph Julieson  - Tubego 
Luke Knickerbocker - Nepal
Stephen Knickerbocker - Burkina Faso
Wayne Langford - Australia
Johnny Leslie - Croatia
Brad Lowrie - Croatia
Will Mundoon - Papua New Guinea
Jon Nanng - Philippines
James Scott - Japan
Adam Wirick - Southeast Asia