ODBC Missionaries

  ODBC Missionaries  


OBDC Supported Missionaries

Open Door Baptist Church Currently Supports over 60 missionary, church planters, and mission works around the world.

We follow the Lord's commandment given in Acts 1:8 that says: "But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you: and ye shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem, and in Judea, and in Samaria, and unto the the uttermist part of the earth."


OUR JERUSALEM & JUDEA (Texas & United States)

Chris Athey - Prison Ministry
Tyrone Barfield - Texarkana, TX
Chuck Barnes - Maine
Justin Barnett - Native Americans in AZ
B.E.A.M.S. - Bible Ministry
Debi Duryee - Deaf Minsitry
Billy Ford - Native Americans
Joel Haynes - Native Americans in AZ
Dan Knickerbocker - Evangelist
Sam Knickerbocker - Deleware
Landmark Mission Projects - (L.A.M.P)
Debbie Lane - Retired
Leon McGee - Childrens Ministry 
Larry McKinney - Native Americans in WA
Ryan Nez - Arizona
Norris Bible Baptist Seminary
Karl Ogdie - Evangelist
Freddy Reed - Youth of America
Eric Sharnitz - South Dakota
Russ Simpson - Native Ameircans in OK
James Stone - Corpus Christi, TX

OUR SAMARIA (North & South America)
Timothy Aguiar - Mexico
Daniel Coates - Guatemala
Darrian Coker - Mexico
Don Leaf - Brazil
Samuel Nolasco - Costa Rica (Mrs. Nolsaco's Kids Kitchen)
Harold Priday - Honduras
Leslie Priday - Honduras
Jacob Shaver - Mexico
Philip Sloan - Mexico
Clayton Watkins - Costa Rica 
Marcus Zenahlik - Paraguay

Sam Abrams - Hong Kong
James Brown - Australia
Ephraim Camacho - Philippines
Joseph Childress - Grenada
Brian Cone - Thailand
Eric Damron - Radio Ministry
James Downs - Ethiopia
Jack Green - Thailand
Matthew Green - United Kingdom
Tim Guenther - New Zealand
Ronaldo Gutlay - Thailand
Joshua Hamilton - Scotland
Jason Harvell - US Military in Germany
Ahmet Hernandez - Thailand
Ralph Julieson  - Tubego 
Luke Knickerbocker - Nepal
Stephen Knickerbocker - Burkina Faso
Wayne Langford - Australia
Johnny Leslie - Croatia
Brad Lowrie - Croatia
Will Mundoon - Papua New Guinea
Jon Nanng - Philippines
James Scott - Japan
Adam Wirick - Southeast Asia